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Lemon Cake with Blueberries

A delightful lemon cake with blueberries. The combination of tangy lemon and sweet blueberries is simply irresistible. The cream cheese whipped cream and lemon curd filling take it to another level. You have to try this recipe!

This is the perfect recipe to capture the essence of summer in every bite of this blueberry lemon cake. Its moist and fluffy texture is sure to impress your family and friends at any gathering.

I moistened this cake with a lemon syrup. This step is optional but I highly recommend it as it gives it that extra touch of lemon and takes this cake to another level.

This cake is filled with cream cheese whippes cream and lemon curd. Let me tell you that this combination of sweet and sour is an explosion of flavors in your mouth. Wow! One of my favorites and it is perfect for this cake. Keep scrolling down and you will find the recipe for lemon curd and cream cheese whipped cream at the end.

I have sunk the blueberries on purpose, that is why I moistened the blueberries and added flour so that the weight would sink them. I know it is very peculiar but my husband like this way, just like the photo. But I'm going tell you this trick that does not fail so that your blueberries do not sink.

Add a third of the batter to the bottom of each pan, then mix the blueberries into the remaining batter and distribute evenly in the pans. When you distribute the remaining dough with the blueberries, do it gently to avoid pushing the blueberries down.

Here I show you a step-by-step video of the Lemon and Blueberry Cake recipe:


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