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Only 3 Ingredients! Oreo Truffles For Valentine's Day.

These Oreo truffles are perfect for Valentine's Day. You only need 3 ingredients and they are very easy to make. You can decorate them in a thousand different ways and they are super delicious.

These Cream Cheese Oreo Truffles are super delicious. You don't need an oven to make them and it won't take you more than 30 minutes to prepare them.

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These truffles are perfect if you are thinking of selling or giving away treats or desserts for Valentine's Day.

The most fun moment: the decoration. I opted for colored sugar and melted chocolate, but this is where you can unleash your creativity. You can add sprinkles, decorate with more chocolate or even experiment with other toppings.

Here I show you a video with the recipe step by step:

Below you will find the list of ingredients and written recipe.


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