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  • Delicious and Easy Strawberry Shots

    I love these strawberry shots. The combination of flavors is WOW! You're going to love them! They're perfect for that birthday, your wedding, or another special event. If you're thinking about starting your own business or if you already have a business, these strawberry shots are perfect for your menu. You can make many of them with just a few ingredients, and they look spectacular, but above all, they are delicious, and your customers will be delighted. These strawberry shots are a delight and are perfect for a sweet table. These shots consist of 2 layers of cookies as the base, a strawberry filling, and cream cheese whipped cream. If you want to use fresh strawberries in the decoration, you should dry them with a paper towel so that moisture doesn't ruin your decoration. So, don't forget this step. You can also glaze them a bit with jam to add shine and prevent the strawberries from wilting. In a small bowl, add 2 tablespoons of apricot jam (you can also use strawberry jam in this case) and add 1 or 2 teaspoons of water. Microwave for about 20-30 seconds and mix well. Strain through a sieve to remove any lumps from the jam, and you're done. The flavor of the strawberry curd combined with the cream cheese is an explosion of flavors. Follow all the steps to make these strawberry shots perfect.

  • Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies

    Red velvet cheesecake brownies is a light and creamy dessert that combines the best of three worlds - red velvet cake, cheesecake and brownies. This decadent dessert combines the best of both worlds, with a light and fluffy cheesecake layer with a rich and fudgy red velvet brownies. It's the perfect treat for any occasion, from birthday parties to holiday gatherings. Here's a video with the step a step recipe: Get my Cookies Ebook:

  • Dulce de Leche Shots

    These Dulce de Leche shots are spectacular. The combination of Dulce de Leche, cream cheese and lotus biscuits... It's a delight! You have to try this recipe. These Dulce de Leche shots are delicious, creamy and easy to prepare. Perfect for family gatherings, birthdays parties and endless celebrations.

  • Only 3 Ingredients! Oreo Truffles For Valentine's Day.

    These Oreo truffles are perfect for Valentine's Day. You only need 3 ingredients and they are very easy to make. You can decorate them in a thousand different ways and they are super delicious. These Cream Cheese Oreo Truffles are super delicious. You don't need an oven to make them and it won't take you more than 30 minutes to prepare them. Get my Cookie Ebook: These truffles are perfect if you are thinking of selling or giving away treats or desserts for Valentine's Day. The most fun moment: the decoration. I opted for colored sugar and melted chocolate, but this is where you can unleash your creativity. You can add sprinkles, decorate with more chocolate or even experiment with other toppings. Here I show you a video with the recipe step by step: Below you will find the list of ingredients and written recipe.

  • The Best Chocolate Tres Leches Cake

    There's nothing more delicious than a Tres Leches cake, and if it's a Chocolate Tres Leches, even better. This Chocolate Tres Leches cake is fluffy and incredibly moist, thanks to the blend of three milks that imparts a spectacular chocolate flavor. Here, I'll guide you step by step on how to make this Chocolate Tres Leches so that it turns out perfect. This Chocolate Tres Leches is perfect for making on Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc. No matter what you're celebrating, this Chocolate Tres Leches will be the best choice to delight your guests. This Chocolate Tres Leches is made from a light and fluffy chocolate sponge cake, soaked in three milks with chocolate and topped with a layer of silky chocolate whipped cream adding that unique touch to this dessert. The chocolate flavor in this Tres Leches is exquisite, and what makes it even better is the hot chocolate mix that takes the blend of the three milks to another level. I show you how to make this hot chocolate mix in my ebook: 'Holiday Cookies,' where I provide instructions for over 30 cookie recipes, ranging from traditional gingerbread cookies to delicious gourmet chocolates." Get my ebook: "Holiday Cookies" Here, I show you a step-by-step video of the recipe: Further down, I provide you with the quantities and the written recipe for this delicious Chocolate Tres Leches. You're going to love it!

  • Chocolate Charlotte Cake with Strawberries

    This chocolate version of charlotte cake takes this dessert to the next level with its rich and moist texture, intense chocolate flavor, and beautiful presentation. A charlotte cake is a classic french dessert that consists of a ring of sponge cake or lady fingers filled with a creamy mousse or custard. The version I made today is a easy and quick way to make this dessert with this beautiful charlotte cake pan.

  • Chocolate Pastry Cream

    This chocolate pastry cream recipe is a delicious chocolate cream that can be used for puff pastries, eclairs, as a cake filling etc. This recipe is a truly decadent filling or topping you will even want to eat with a spoon!. Here you can find the key tips so you can successfully make this chocolate pastry cream.

  • Oreo shots

    If you like Oreo biscuits, this is your ideal dessert. These oreo shots taste like heaven. The combination of Oreo cheesecake and chocolate ganache... It's delicious! You have to try this recipe. These Oreo shots are delicious and they are perfect for a sweet table. These shots consist of 2 layers of biscuits as a base, Oreo cheesecake filling and chocolate ganache. YUM!

  • Lemon Cake with Blueberries

    A delightful lemon cake with blueberries. The combination of tangy lemon and sweet blueberries is simply irresistible. The cream cheese whipped cream and lemon curd filling take it to another level. You have to try this recipe! This is the perfect recipe to capture the essence of summer in every bite of this blueberry lemon cake. Its moist and fluffy texture is sure to impress your family and friends at any gathering. I moistened this cake with a lemon syrup. This step is optional but I highly recommend it as it gives it that extra touch of lemon and takes this cake to another level. This cake is filled with cream cheese whippes cream and lemon curd. Let me tell you that this combination of sweet and sour is an explosion of flavors in your mouth. Wow! One of my favorites and it is perfect for this cake. Keep scrolling down and you will find the recipe for lemon curd and cream cheese whipped cream at the end. I have sunk the blueberries on purpose, that is why I moistened the blueberries and added flour so that the weight would sink them. I know it is very peculiar but my husband like this way, just like the photo. But I'm going tell you this trick that does not fail so that your blueberries do not sink. Add a third of the batter to the bottom of each pan, then mix the blueberries into the remaining batter and distribute evenly in the pans. When you distribute the remaining dough with the blueberries, do it gently to avoid pushing the blueberries down. Here I show you a step-by-step video of the Lemon and Blueberry Cake recipe:

  • The Perfect Chocolate Cupcakes.

    This is the best chocolate cupcake recipe you've ever tried. They are moist, fluffy and chocolatey. They are a delight! Overall, chocolate cupcakes are a classic and delicious dessert that can be customized to your tastes. Whether you prefer them with ganache, sprinkles, or your choice of frosting, these cupcakes are sure to be a hit at any party or gathering. I recommend you do not over fill the cupcakes liners, the ideal will be 2/3 full. Use an ice cream scoop so they all look the same size. Do not overbake the cupcakes as they will lose their moisture. Follow all the steps and recommendations so you can have a perfect chocolate cupcakes.

  • Cream Cheese Whipped Cream

    There's nothing like cream cheese whipped cream to elevate a good dessert to excellence. If you're a cream cheese enthusiast, trust me, this will become your new favorite cream. This cream cheese whipped cream takes your desserts to another level, combining the rich and slightly tangy flavor of cream cheese with the light and airy texture of whipped cream. The result is a delicious cream that enhances your desserts. If you've been following me on my social media for a while, you've probably noticed that this is my favorite cream because I use it for everything. I love this cream because you can use it in many desserts, and it turns out spectacular. One of the things I love most about this cream cheese whipped cream is its versatility. Here are some ideas for the types of desserts this cream is perfect for. Get my Cookie Ebook -Perfect for Cakes and Cupcakes: This cream cheese whipped cream is perfect for filling, as a border, and even for decorating. Enhance your classic cake experience by adding a generous layer of Cream Cheese Whipped Cream. Whether it's pumpkin, pecan, or fruit cakes and cupcakes, the creamy texture and slightly tangy flavor will complement the sweetness of the cake. Add cream cheese whipped cream between the layers of your favorite cake and cupcake for a flavorful filling. It pairs exceptionally well with carrot cake, red velvet, or even a simple vanilla sponge. -Berries, Lemon, Orange, or Any Citrus: The combination of whipped cream with berries, citrus, or any fruit makes for a refreshing and super delicious dessert. The contrast between the slightly tangy cream and the sweetness of the fruit is simply divine. This cream cheese whipped cream is so easy to make and delicious that you'll wonder why you didn't try it sooner, but to get it perfect, you must follow some steps that you shouldn't skip. The number one enemy of this cream is heat, so the mixing bowl and beaters must be super cold before use. I recommend placing them in the freezer for at least 30 minutes before starting. If it's very hot, you can use a double boiler method to maintain the cold. You can also use a metal or aluminum bowl as they retain the cold better. Here's a video with the step-by-step recipe and all the tricks to achieve the perfect Cream Cheese Whipped Cream: Below, I provide the list of ingredients and the written recipe for this delicious Cream Cheese Whipped Cream. You're going to love it!

  • Easy, Creamy and Delicious No Bake Lemon Pie

    If you're a fan of easy desserts, you've come to the right place! Here, I'll show you how to make this No-Bake Lemon Pie step by step so that it turns out perfect. I'll also demonstrate how to make a delicious chantilly that adds a touch of freshness to this dessert. This No Bake Lemon Pie is perfect for those days when you're in a hurry, when you don't want to use the oven, or simply when you're looking for a quick and delicious recipe. One of the things I love about this recipe is its simplicity. With just a few ingredients, you'll achieve a dessert that will impress your friends and family. From the crust to the lemon filling, each component comes together to create a unique flavor experience. Here, I am going to guide you step by step, from preparing the base to the smooth and delicious lemon layer. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner in the kitchen or an experienced chef; this recipe is accessible to everyone. Get my Ebook "Holiday Cookies" So, get your kitchen utensils ready because we are going to create together a No-Bake Lemon Pie that will be the star of your upcoming gatherings. Let's get started! Here I show you a video with the recipe step by step: Below, you'll find the list of ingredients and the written recipe for this delightful No-Bake Lemon Pie. I'm confident you'll thoroughly enjoy it!

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